Our work is driven by our core values.

At the core of Gaia Medical are the values which drive our day-to-day work, vision and decision-making. As a social enterprise, we place great emphasis on fostering values that tie us to our social mission, and greater impact on the world. 

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Team during a meeting around a table making decisions


Ethically guided decision-making

We’re very aware of the fact that mixing healthcare and business can be somewhat complicated. That’s why when we have to make a choice, we always stand by our ethical principles. We’re in service of our community, they are not in service of us. Even when we have to make difficult business decisions, we always make a conscious effort to choose people over profit.


Intentionally inclusive approach

Instead of making inclusivity a bonus “add-on” of our business, we focus on serving those who are normally sidelined. When it comes to our product, we make active decisions to serve people who need it, not just those who can pay or easily access our service. We take the same approach when it comes to building our team. We know that this is the only way to build a truly inclusive platform.

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Two female coworkers at their desk discussing their work


Honest & transparent communication

We don’t believe in keeping secrets when it comes to our business. We’re open and honest with our team and our community about how we’re funded, how we earn income, and where our content comes from. We know how vitally important trust is when it comes to finding a service to help you with your health, so we take no shortcuts when it comes to being honest and open about the things that matter.


Ongoing collaboration & user focus

Our community is at the heart of what we do. From day one, our focus has always been the community and the people we serve. We regularly and proactively reach out to our users to identify their needs, pain points and to get their feedback on our service, which we use to inform our key business decisions.

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