Meet The Team

Who are we?

We are a group of British and Iraqi medical and business professionals who are dedicated to building a trustworthy and high-quality health education platform for the people of Iraq.

We strongly believe that progress can be achieved if improvements are made step by step. To help gradually improve the lives of Iraqi people, we want to start by empowering you to take control of your health.

Headshot of Hana Ali, Founder and CEO of Gaia Medical

Dr. Hana Ali MBChB

Founder & CEO

Hana was born in Iraq but moved to the UK when she was 5 years old. She studied Medicine & Surgery at the University of Liverpool and upon graduating, moved into the field of digital healthcare, working with different companies to improve patients’ healthcare experiences through online-based services. 

After speaking to many family members and witnessing first-hand the stark differences between the UK and Iraqi healthcare systems, she dedicated her time to creating a company that provides the Iraqi community with a trustworthy and accessible public health education platform, which today is called Gaia Medical.

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Headshot of Salih Ali, Country Manager of Iraq for Gaia Medical.

Eng. Salih Ali

Country Manager (Iraq)

Salih was born and raised in Iraq where he worked as a civil-engineer for SOC (South Oil Company) before he moved to the UK for a period of time to raise his family. He later returned to Iraq where he currently resides and works as the Managing Director of a private firm, as well as a civil engineer in BOC (Basra Oil Company). 

Salih has many years of experience in business administration, business development, management and finance, and is Gaia Medical’s country manager for Iraq. 

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Nicole Kovach Business & Operations at Gaia Medical

Nicole Kovach

Business & Operations

Nicole was born and raised in California, where she studied business and economics. She began her career in finance but soon transitioned to working with digital health startups, where they focused on empowering individuals with the tools and information to take control of their own health. She has since used her operational and business development skills to help several digital health companies in Silicon Valley and Berlin.

Since moving to Europe, Nicole met Hana and loved her vision for Gaia Medical. She strongly believes that everyone should have access to reliable, trustworthy health information – no matter where they live.

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Dr Anne Burton, medical writer for Gaia Medical

Dr. Anne Burton MBChB BSc

Medical Writer

Anne was born in Ghana and moved to the UK at the age of 10. She graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Southampton and went on to obtain a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Liverpool.

Dr. Burton is currently on track to completing her GP training, working as a Senior House Officer in North Wales. She has a deep understanding of the need for accessible high-quality healthcare information and is dedicated to providing her expertise to the masses through Gaia Medical.

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Headshot of Dr. Laura Alger, Medical Writer for Gaia Medical

Dr. Laura Alger MBBS BSc (Hons.)

Medical Writer

Laura grew up and studied in England, graduating from King’s College London with a distinction in her Medical degree and a first class Anatomy degree. She currently works as a junior doctor in a South London hospital and is particularly interested in emergency and sports medicine. She feels strongly that everyone should have access to high-quality and up to date healthcare information, like that delivered by Gaia Medical.

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Dr. Amy Watson, medical writer for Gaia Medical.

Dr. Amy Watson MBBS MSc

Medical Writer

Amy grew up in Belfast, moving to England to attend Hull York Medical School in 2010. She undertook her junior doctor training in Sheffield, before relocating to North Yorkshire with her family. She now works mostly as an Aesthetic Doctor in the city of York and is passionate about safety in medicine and patient education. She feels very strongly that all patients should be able to access up to date medical information about a range of healthcare conditions, like that provided by Gaia Medical.

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Dr India Duane, Freelance Medical Writer for Gaia Medical

Dr. India Duane MBChB

Medical Writer

Dr India Duane studied Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, graduating in 2019 and gaining her full license to practice in 2020. Following this she handed in her scrubs and stethoscope to explore more creatively fulfilling avenues (but perhaps really just so she could adopt a dog?). India now combines her medical background with her love of writing and works in freelance medical communications.

India understands the importance of all individuals having access to high-quality, trustworthy and understandable information, and is proud to be working with Gaia on their mission to achieve this. India is particularly passionate about ending the stigma associated with certain medical conditions, particularly mental health.

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Dr. Lorelle Brownlee Medical Writer at Gaia Medical

Dr. Lorelle Brownlee MBBS BA (Hons.)

Medical Writer

Lorelle was born in California and moved to Ireland at the age of 11. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a degree in genetics before moving to London to study medicine at Barts and the London. She worked as a junior doctor in London, later training in diagnostic pathology and working in lung cancer research before moving into medical communications.

She is passionate about bridging the gap between patients and complex medical information. She strongly believes that good patient education is critical for preserving trust in the medical profession, and that in this digital age, geography should not limit access to reliable health information.

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Yosur Sherif picture

Yosur Sherif

Arabic Translator

My name is Yosur Sherif, I’m 22 years old, born and raised in Iraq. My dream has been to become a translator ever since I started learning the English language at a very young age. Meeting American Soldiers and talking to them inspired me to choose this amazing career, so I followed my passion and graduated from University of Almustansiriyah, class of 2020.
Mental health has been a very important part of my life, it’s something that I’ve always been trying to educate people on. I think any one of us can spread awareness and Gaia Medical is the perfect platform for that.

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Dr. Ben Silberberg medical writer for Gaia Medical

Dr. Ben Silberberg MBBS MRes

Medical Writer

Ben grew up in Spain but moved to the UK in 2010 to attend Newcastle University. In addition to his primary medical degree he undertook an intercalated research degree in Global Health, working to evaluate the determinants of obstructive lung disease in East Africa. Since graduating in 2016 he has been working in Liverpool, both in clinical training and academic research. Currently he is working in the respiratory department at Aintree Hospital, looking after patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes that improving people’s health globally needs to start with improving and broadening access to good-quality healthcare and feels that a reliable source of peer-reviewed information for patients is an important component of this. 

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Briane Laruy PhD, medical writer for Gaia Medical.

Briane Laruy PhD

Medical Writer

Briane grew up in New York and studied in England and Spain. In October of last year, she finished her Ph.D. studies in Bioscience and Cardiovascular Research, being awarded high honors for her findings. She currently works as a Medical Writer for a medical device company based in France. She is deeply passionate about medical communication and wants to ensure that everyone has access to quality medical information no matter where they live.

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How do we make content specifically for Iraq?

In order to ensure that the content we provide on our website and other platforms is as relevant and useful to the Iraqi community as possible, we actually speak to the community.

We conduct user surveys and interviews to gauge what areas are most useful and important to write about; and we also conduct usability tests on our website to ensure that it is easy and enjoyable to use.

Website (Usability) Tests

User Interviews

User Surveys

How is Gaia Medical funded?

Gaia Medical is a company built by a group of British and Iraqi medical and business professionals who are dedicated to building a trustworthy and high-quality health education platform for the people of Iraq.

To help gradually improve the lives of Iraqi people, we want to start by empowering them to take control of their health. Our website strives to do that by providing the community with trustworthy health information that is written and reviewed by qualified doctors and health professionals. 

Gaia Medical is privately funded by the Ali family. The website is run and moderated by Gaia Medical’s CEO and Founder. Website contributors are all vetted by the CEO and Founder. 

Want to help us improve our service?

User research is incredibly important as it allows us to continually make improvements to our service and website. If you’d like to help us better our service, you can participate in our user research. Just leave your contact details below and we’ll get in touch.