Give a loved one the gift of therapy.

We love therapy, and we hope you do too! So what better gift to give than a voucher to help a loved one manage their mental health?

Important note: gift vouchers can only be used by adults over the age of 18 who have already completed and passed our eligibility criteria and have created an account on our website.

Two women hugging and smiling

Purchase a gift card for a loved one

Therapy’s wonderful. So why not gift it to a loved one? (Although let’s face it, we are a tad biased).

Gaia medical online therapy gift card

Please read the below instructions carefully before buying your card

Before you can buy a gift card, please confirm the following:

  1. Is the person you're buying a voucher for over 18?
  2. Has the person you're buying a voucher for already completed our eligibility form and created an account on our website?

The answer to both of these questions must be yes before you can buy a gift card.

If the answer to both questions is "yes" then you are welcome to continue buying your gift. To do this, please enter the password below and click "submit".

The password is: YES

If the answer to either question is no, then I'm afraid you can't buy a voucher at this time.

Important note: if you buy a gift card for someone who is not eligible for our service, we won't be able to refund you. So please ensure they are eligible before buying this gift for them - thank you!