Our Four Principles of Trust

Why should you trust our content?

In this day and age we know just how difficult it can be to find trustworthy sources of information on the internet, particularly when it comes to healthcare. With an increasing number of health websites being made available every day, it is incredibly important to be careful which of those websites you trust and use.

At Gaia Medical, producing high-quality, trustworthy content is our number one priority. To help us ensure we deliver this level of content to you, we developed the…

Four Principles of Trust

The number 1

Quality Control

Our health articles are only ever written & reviewed by doctors & qualified medical professionals.

A male physician examining a patient with a stethoscope.
The number 2

Two-Step Review

All of our articles go through a two-step professional review process before we publish them on our website.

The arms of two men working on laptops and on paper.
The number 3

Adherence to Standards

We apply the principles of the NHS ‘Information Standard’ to our articles so we can produce high-quality content.

Clipboards and paper stacked on top of one another.
The number 4

Transparent Sources

We reference all of our articles using professional sources , so that you always know where the information comes from.

A stack of old books piled next to one another.

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