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All of the articles on our website are written by qualified healthcare professionals, and every article is peer reviewed by a qualified doctor before it is published on our website. It is incredibly important to us that our articles are trustworthy and medically accurate, that’s why we only publish articles that have been written or reviewed by qualified doctors.

Yes! Our educational articles will always be free for you to access. 

Our company is registered in the UK, and all of our business operations take place in Europe. However, our team is made up of an international mix of people, including both Iraqi and British people. Read more about our team here .

Yes of course! Our company wants to create a service that is as useful as possible for the Iraqi community, so we encourage you to contact us with feedback and requests for article topics. You can put in a request for an article to be written here .

Please keep in mind that we receive a large number of requests for new articles, and therefore ask for your patience when requesting an article.

This is a set of guidelines and principles that have been set out for companies producing health content online. Following these principles and guidelines helps ensure that the health content we write on our website is trustworthy and of a high quality. 

The NHS is the National Health Service, a government organisation that is responsible for the healthcare system in the United Kingdom.

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