Donate a free therapy session to someone in need.

Help us on our mission to deliver 1,000 free therapy sessions by the end of 2022 by donating a free therapy session to someone living in a low-income country who cannot afford to access professional mental health care and therapy.

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Every donation = one free therapy session to someone in need

A huge lack of local resources and a number of financial barriers prevent people in low-income countries in the Middle East and North Africa from receiving mental health care. To combat this inequity, we deliver free therapy sessions to people living in these regions who cannot afford to pay for therapy.

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We've already delivered

free therapy sessions so far, and counting!

Where does your donation go?

The majority of your donation (64%) goes straight towards paying the therapist who is delivering the free therapy session. The rest of the donation (36%) goes to Gaia Medical as an administrative fee to help us cover the operational costs of delivering our free therapy service.

Donation split for Gaia Medical donations

Here's a closer look at our operational costs

We know how important it is for you to know exactly where your money is going, so here’s a closer look at our operational costs:

Team salaries

In order to deliver a fantastic service, we need to pay our fantastic team. This includes our employees, freelancers and consultants.

Website maintenance

Our website is our main platform and is host to our booking system, educational content and much more.

Subscription services

We use subscription services such as Typeform, Zapier, Xero and many more to help us run our day-to-day operations.

Marketing costs

In order for people to use our service, they first need to know about it! So we set aside some of our budget for marketing and social media.​

Insurance & accounting

We need business insurance, professional indemnity insurance and accountants, and as you can imagine - this can be quite pricey!

Therapist professional development

It's really important for us to be able to support our therapists in their continued professional development (CPD).

Help us on our mission to deliver

free therapy sessions by the end of 2022

We love making our clients happy

If they're happy, we're happy

We know that therapy isn’t always so easy, and that often, it requires a lot of hard work – we’ve actually been through it ourselves! So we work hard to ensure that we provide our clients with the best level of service we can. We want to make the process as seamless and easy as possible for them, so that all they have to do is focus on healing.

I wish I knew them earlier. I had depression and anxiety, couldn’t find a reason to keep doing daily tasks. I always wanted to see a specialist but this is difficult in Iraq. When I found out about Gaia, I didn’t hesitate to enrol, their service is very helpful. A SAFE PLACE to express your feelings…I want to thank them a lot for help provided for areas that need it more than anywhere else.


Therapy client


I wish I had known them since childhood. Like all Iraqis, I have suffered from many psychological problems since my teenage years… I was hoping to get help from a competent authority. Shadia [my therapist] has a great personality. She helped me arrange my thoughts and control my passion in logical ways. She is very smart, aware, kind and polite.  


Therapy client