Advertising Policy

Gaia Medical Advertising Policy

Gaia Medical accepts advertising on our website and other online platforms from third parties (“Advertisers). This material may include third party banners, badges, contextual advertising and content created or provided by an Advertiser (referred to as “Advertisements”).

  1. All Advertisements shown on our Gaia Medical platforms are independent from editorial decisions and content produced by Gaia Medical. Gaia Medical does not endorse any product or service that is shown in any Advertisements on our platform. Gaia Medical’s editorial content is not compromised by any specific arrangements, or commercial or financial interests with third party Advertisers.
  2. Under no circumstances will the acceptance or display of any Advertisements on any Gaia Medical platform be considered an endorsement of the product or service advertised, or for the company that manufactures, advertises, distributes or promotes said products or services.

  3. Third party Advertisers are solely responsible for the content included in their Advertisements.

  4. Gaia Medical reserves the right to reject or remove any Advertisements present on any of our platforms that we deem to be inappropriate for our platform and published content. Gaia Medical does not accept any Advertisement that fall under the following categories (but are not limited to):
    • Anything that may be considered harmful to the health of our users (e.g. tobacco and alcohol products).
    • Illegal or ‘dangerous’ products (e.g. weapons, firearms, ammunition or fireworks) (Gaia Medical reserves the right to determine what is considered ‘dangerous’)
    • Any service or product that promotes any form of gambling
    • Fraudulent, deceptive, illicit, misleading or offensive material
    • Any material that discriminates, misrepresents, ridicules or attacks and individual or group of individuals on the basis of age, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other status
    • Any material that contains pornography or other X-rated or related content
    • Products or services that are specifically and directly aimed at attracting children under the age of 16.

  5. Gaia Medical does not accept any treatment-specific or drug-specific Advertisements to be targeted to specific content or articles on any of our platforms.

  6. Advertisements on all Gaia Medical platforms must be clearly marked with an appropriate label, and clearly distinguishable from editorial content created by Gaia Medical.

  7. Gaia Medical cannot assure its users that the Advertisements displayed on our platforms will perform or be displayed without error.

  8. It is the Advertiser’s responsibility to adhere to all the laws and regulations applicable to its Advertisements on any Gaia Medical platform. This includes adhering to any advertising guidelines and rules set out by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK, and any other applicable Advertising network. However, Gaia Medical reserves the right to remove any Advertisements that may be in breach of these laws and regulations should it come to our attention.

  9. Gaia Medical partners with third party Advertisers to display ads, and/or collect specific information when you visit our website. These third party companies may use cookies or other means to collect anonymous information (e.g. information that does not include your name, address, email or phone number) during your visit on our website. This helps the Advertisers display Advertisements for websites you have previously visited and that may be of interest to you. To learn more about this advertising technique or to opt out, click this link here.

Advertising Complaints

If you have any complaints relating to any Advertisements or our advertising policy in general, please send them to: