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A holistic online mental health platform to help people in the Middle East & North Africa heal.

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Free trustworthy health information


Supportive & inclusive community


Access to mental health professionals

Our mission

We are building an online platform that gives the citizens of Iraq and other Arabic-speaking countries access to trustworthy, useful and current mental health information and services, so that they may lead a healthier life regardless of their language, location and financial state.

We truly believe that free access to high-quality, trustworthy mental healthcare is a basic human right. It’s this belief that drives our passion, and allows us to strive towards helping make mental health education and services accessible for all.

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How it works

Our platform offers you the ability to work on your mental health at your own pace and on your terms. You have the option to choose between self-guided learning, community support, professional help or a mix of all three.


Free trustworthy mental health information

Start self-learning by reading our information leaflets

We pride ourselves on the quality of our health information leaflets, and we work hard to ensure that our information is easy to understand, and enjoyable to read.

Although it is natural for everyone to go through times when they feel sad or unhappy for a few days, this does not always mean that they have depression…

Young arab man in a Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) therapy session with a psychologist

Anxiety is a natural emotion that everyone can feel in response to a threat or a stressful situation. There are many different things that can make us feel anxious…

Psychotherapy is a type of mental health treatment that usually revolves around talking…

Domestic violence, sometimes called domestic abuse, is abusive behaviour from…

Self-harm is the term used when someone harms or hurts themselves on purpose…

Schizophrenia is a severe, long-term mental health condition that affects a person’s thoughts…


Confidential access to mental health professionals

Speak to one of our carefully selected therapists

All of the therapists we work with are specifically chosen to meet your needs. To read more about how we choose our therapists, click here.

Rated 5 out of 5

Shadia Karim

Languages: Arabic, English, Kurdish

Treats: Anxiety, Depression, Abuse..

Rated 4.5 out of 5

Ibtissem Amiour

Languages: Arabic, English, French

Treats: Anxiety, Depression, Phobias..


Supportive & inclusive community

Join our support group

We know how important it is to be able to find support from people who understand the struggles of mental health. We also know that sometimes, we cannot find that support in our immediate communities or from friends and family. That’s why we created a free to use, online community support group on Facebook. 

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Our core values

Our work is guided by our four core values:


Ethically Guided Decision-Making

When we have to make a choice, we always stand by our ethical principles. We’re in service of our community, they are not in service of us. Even when we have to make a hard business decision, we always choose people over profit.


Inclusive Approach

Instead of making inclusivity a bonus “add-on” of our business, we focus on serving those who are normally sidelined. When it comes to our product, we make active decisions to serve people who need it, not just those who can pay.


Honest & Transparent Communication

We don’t believe in keeping secrets when it comes to our business. We’re open and honest with our team and our community about how we’re funded, how we earn income and where our content comes from.


Ongoing Collaboration & User Focus

From day 1, our focus has always been the community we serve. We regularly and proactively reach out to our users to identify their needs and gather feedback, which we use to inform our key business decisions.

Meet the Gaia Medical team

We are a group of British, American and Iraqi business and medical professionals that are striving to create a trustworthy and accessible mental health platform for people living in the MENA region.